Craftsmanship Quarterly Publishes Three of My Pix!


In case you’re not familiar with it, Craftsmanship Quarterly publishes yummy articles about people who work with their hands and, says their mission statement, “craftsmanship’s principles of excellence, beauty, and durability as a pathway to a better world.”

This spring, the online magazine published an article by my friend Laura Fraser, a talented Bay Area writer, that included three of my photos. Laura and I met up near Rimini, Italy, where she was reporting on San Patrignano, a well-respected rehab facility.

The program at San Patrignano heals through craftsmanship, teaching its residents skills such as leather crafting, weaving, horse breeding, fine workworking, graphic arts, and, happily for our taste buds, pizza making. In fact, trained by some of the best chefs in Italy, San Patrignano’s pizzaioli are considered the best pizza makers in the country.

So one evening, I joined Laura at SanPa’s pizza restaurant, “SP.accio,” to sample the wares and take photos in the kitchen. The pizza was outstanding, the pizzaioli were hard-working and inspiring, and the photography was fun. Hope you enjoy the article. And if you’re ever near Rimini, you should make a point to visit SanPa.